Case No. 00-32262 CA 03
Circuit Court of the 11th Judicial Circuit
in and for Miami-Dade County, Florida


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On December 14, 2000, MDCM Holding, Inc. f/k/a, Inc.executed an Assigment for the Benefit of Creditors pursuant to Chapter 727, Florida Statutes, and LEWIS B. FREEMAN was named Assignee for the Benefit of Creditors of MDCM Holdings, Inc., f/k/a, Inc. This proceeding was filed in the Circuit Court of the 11th Judicial Circuit in and for Miami-Dade County, Florida and was assigned to The Honorable Stuart Simons.

The duties of the Assignee are detailed in section 727.108, Florida Statutes, and include, but are not limited to the following: (1) collect and reduce to money the assets of the estate, whether by suit in any court of competent jurisdiction or by public or private sale; (4) conduct the business of the assignor for limited periods, if in the best interest of the estate, upon authorization of the court; (7) keep regular accounts and furnish such information concerning the estate as may be reasonably requested by creditors or other parties in interest; (8) file with the court an interim report of receipts and disbursements within 6 months after the filing date unless excused by the court or unless the estate has been sooner distributed in full; (9) examine the validity and priority of all claims against the estate; and (10) abandon assets to duly perfected secured or lien creditors, where, after due investigation, he or she determines that the estate has no equity in such assets or such assets are burdensome to the estate or are of inconsequential value and benefit to the estate.

Pursuant to section 727.112, all claims other than claims of creditors with liens on assets of the estate, whether contingent, liquidated, unliquidated, or disputed, which arose prior to the filing date, must be filed in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 727 and any such claim not so filed is barred from any further recovery against the estate. Proof of Claims shall be filed be delivering the claim to the assignee within 120 days from the filing date unless for cause shown. The bar date in this matter was/is April 13, 2001.

Section 727.114 sets forth the Priority of Claims in this Assignment matter.